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Micol Construction’s experienced and knowledgeable staff will give advice and direct you in the right direction. We can provide optimal building layout suggestions to ensure the highest ROI and optimize land. As with all our buildings, we provide engineered sealed approval and erection drawings, timelines to meet construction dates after permit approvals and efficient scheduling for delivery.

We’ll help you bring you vision to reality.

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Hammer-Lok is the specialized ag division of Hammers Construction, a full-service construction company that’s been serving clients in agriculture since 1956.  They provide design, construction and maintenance of potato storage and other ag buildings throughout North America.

The Hammer-Lok Air Envelope

A modern design that is ideal for long-term, large-scale produce storage.  Each Air Envelope building is customized to your exact needs and site, and they can store up to 375,000 cwt for 8+ months due to our double heated wall design.

Hammer-Lok Air Envelope


The Hammer-Lok Arch

A durable and efficient storage solution and we build them nationwide.  Arch buildings can be customized in several layouts, with up to 165,000 cwt. of potato storage per building.

The Hammer-Lok Arch


For 50 years, BEHLEN Industries LP has grown to be the largest manufacturer of steel building systems in Canada. They now serve customers worldwide through a growing network of authorized builders and continue to earn a reputation as a global leader in the industry.


Excel at energy efficiency, condensation control and noise reduction. The construction process is engineered to save time and money, and to create virtually no waste so that the building is both cost effective and environmentally sustainable.


BEHLEN FRAMELESS steel buildings

Constructed with our engineered panel system, eliminating the need for structural steel. This unique system allows us to offer low cost, energy efficient solutions.

BEHLEN FRAMELESS steel buildings